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Service & Commitment is our foundation

Our unique combination of investment, ownership, and management is what sets us apart. This business advantage allows us to be the sole decision-maker with prompt answers and action. We are one phone call away, always. 


We pride ourselves in forming long-standing relationships with all our partners: 


Tenants – We look at tenants as our true business partners and equals. We bring expertise, creativity, and vision to provide the best value and service. We are always accessible, provide quick responses to every request, and endeavor to facilitate a positive outcome for all parties. Our success is predicated on our tenant’s success. We are in this together.


“They have provided us with optimal space so we can better serve all our communities.” 

– Division Chief, Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority       



Vendors – It’s imperative to deliver great buildings and services to our tenants. Our valued list of vendors are part of our team, our family, and have been for years. Because we do the small things well, such as paying invoices within a week and trusting their expert advice, our vendors are able to do the big things exceptionally well and on time. They are our front line and we rely on their skills, diligence, and commitment to keep our business running. Our proactive approach in managing our buildings and responding to our tenant’s needs is only possible because of our vendors.   


“They treat us well and we love working for them. They don’t hide anything or play games.”

– Account Executive, McKinstry Co LLC



Brokers – We are responsive to the needs of brokers and provide quick and honest feedback with the goal of finding middle ground where all sides win. Our proven track record of making deals happen is vital to shared success. Brokers work with us directly, and as the decision maker on all transactions, we can think outside the box and execute on terms quickly.  


“Their involvement in serving as trusted advisors sets them apart from most other owners. Pietromonaco Jackson Properties has distilled the deal-making process down to its simplest form.”

– Managing Director, JLL



Team – Pietromonaco Jackson Properties has an extremely talented and hardworking team with decades of collective experience. We treat everyone like they’re part of our family and we strive for success in all that we pursue. We are diligent with every detail and often get creative to reach the best outcomes for all parties involved. 


“We support each other to be successful as individuals, a team, a company, and within our families and community.”

– Employee, PJP


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