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38 Buildings  /  Over 2.3 million sq ft  /  Industrial, Office, Medical & Retail 

Caring landlords

Pietromonaco Jackson Properties leases and manages commercial real estate with the best interest of our partners in mind. We extend genuine and professional service to our tenants, vendors, and brokers in the Pacific Northwest so they can focus on their core business and thrive in their life and work for many years.

Family-owned businesses like Pietromonaco Jackson Properties are a breath of fresh air. They pay close attention and act on feedback.”

Service & Commitment

Pietromonaco Jackson Properties owns, invests, manages and leases industrial, office, medical and retail properties with a focus on providing the highest level of respect and service to our partners. We deliver on our promises. We have a set of best practices that we execute with care, pride, and consistency. We are fair-minded which allows everyone to win.

Invested in your success.

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